Weekly Window Shopping #9: Tokyo Jazz Panda

This week I’m featuring the online shop called Tokyo Jazz Panda. "Chester's cutest boutique store! Stylish and fun homeware, kidswear, gifts, snacks, mobile accessories.... We even have plenty of Hello Kitty!" If you're in the UK, they offer free shipping on orders over £20!

[Left] Petit Babie (Colour) - £1.99/each
[Middle] Frog Storage Cart - £19.99
[Right] Strawberry Spoon in Case - £3.99

[Left] Mushroom Clock - £7.99/each
[Middle] Decole 'Daruma' Stamp - £2.99
[Right] Mamegoma Star Strap - £3.99

[Left] Strawberry Mouse Pad (Red) - £3.99
[Middle] Momiji Randoms (Silly Billy) - £11.99
[Right] Strawberry Key Cover - £2.99


Feltmistress said...

I can thoroughly recommend them, although I am biased as they sell more of my plush (Kaiju) than any other shop and the owners Ben and Maki are both lovely people.

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Well if they sell your plush, then they must be super rad! :) I must have missed seeing the Kaiji in their shop, or they would have been included in this feature for sure! :\