Etsy: More Mini Ghosties + 1 Plush Deer

More plushies hit my Etsy shop today! 7 Mini Ghosties and 1 plush deer:

  • Mini Lime Green Ghostie promotes new growth in any situation.
  • Mini Yellow + Blue Ghostie helps to revitalize you if you are feeling burnt out from too much work.
  • Mini Red Ghostie absorbs all the fears and anxieties around him in an effort to try and make things stable again.
  • Mini Pink + Blue Ghostie helps bring peace to a hurtful relationship.
  • Mini Light Pink Ghostie helps to show there is love in a situation that might seem hopeless.
  • Mini Blue + Pink Ghostie helps bring peace to a hurtful relationship.
  • Mini Lime Green + Pink Ghostie helps to bring out your inner beauty.

Strawberry Cupcake Deer works in a French Confectionery that makes the best sweets available in Deerville. When she’s not selling sugary treats, she likes to browse the local antique shops for treasures and afterward enjoys an afternoon tea at her favourite local cafe.


inkie-mumma said...

Thats it! I give in! I am off to buy one of your deers! I have resisted for tooooo long!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Awww, you're too cute! :)