In Progress: More Deer!

Right now I have about 20 new deer in progress! ;o_o Here's a pic of them in their various stages of completion. The first stage is the cut-out deer patterns (you can see them lying on the table). Next they get machine sewn & stuffed (these ones are in the container). Then they get their head/ears/tail attached by hand sewing them all together (standing on the table). In the last step they get their eyes/dots glued on (not shown).

It takes hours to complete a batch of deer, so I usually watch movies as I hand-sew to help pass the time. In the past 2 weeks I've watched: Gandi, Hotel Rwanda, Changeling, The Reader, Frost/Nixon, Broken English, 2 Days In Paris, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Tokyo!, JCVD, Man On Wire, Bomb It, Style Wars, The Queen, Clerks 2 and Twilight.

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