In Progress: Kalua Moola Custom, Part 1

Here's a snapshot of my blank Kalua Moola figure waiting to be customized. Look at how tough he is! He's so ready for me to bring on the paint. I've drawn up a few ideas already (you can see some in the pic), and I'm very close to deciding on my final design and I can't wait to slap on the first layer of paint!

I couldn't believe it when I first received him -- he is hand cast! I'm so used to the factory made vinyl toys, and have never held an original hand cast vinyl toy before. It was like seeing an original painting or something, very exciting! If you'd like to customize your own Kalua Moola figure, then you're in luck! Argonaut Resins is selling 8 DIY KM figures in their online shop. Grab 'em now because they're going to sell out fast!

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