Photos: Stuff I've bought lately

Like the title says... just stuff I've bought lately. :)

Sweet Rum is one of the Steel Fairies made by Japanese designer Kaijin (one of my favourite vinyl artists). Sweet Rum is limited to 100 pieces, and comes in this amazing super fluorescent pink colour. Her paint smell reminds me of exactly the same type of paint my Dad used to use in his sign shop (nostalgia! ♥). She's one of my favourite figures... OMG, luff her! ♥

[On the left] Tiruru Subcalism by Kaijin. I absolutley LOVE this new figure. The turquoise is wild! Tiruru is from the "Mysterious Island Jambara" series, and limited to 50 pieces.
[On the right] Cutie Cane (2/16) by Flowbots. Hard to resist a face like that!

Rika (?/??) by Junko Mizuno / "Despite her reticence, Rika is very popular with the strange creatures on the Surface World. The "Meat Dance" is her specialty." This is the rare chase figure from the blind box Pure Trance Series produced by Kidrobot. (Thank-you Ebay!)

Signed Junko Mizuno flyer from her "Red Tresses and Freckles" solo show at the Magic Pony! Heather of Needlings (super awesome Etsy shop with adorable owls!) sent this to me. Isn't she so sweet? :) I plan to frame it someday. Thanks Heather!!!! ♥♥♥

3 pink DIY Mini Munny's for customizing! Love these pink versions, and the accessories are super cute, especially the glasses! ♥

My Pipos Dali FINALLY has new eyes & new clothes. He's really liking his new look, and is so embarrassed that I originally thought he was a girl, and made him wear a dress, haha! Now he really looks like a rabbit from Wonderland. :) Blouse by lemieuxdollboutique: www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5530212 / Bloomers by pommepomme: www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=11952 / 18mm glass eyes by releaserain: stores.shop.ebay.com/Releaserain__W0QQ_armrsZ1

And last but not least, I did a plush trade with the lovely Jessie of Samaria Project, and she sent me these two adorable owlies! ♥ They are so well made and have lots of little stitched details. I love the colours she uses, and wow, she's awesome! :D


Sneak Peek: Custom for Munny Grubbers show @ Just Blazed

Here's a sneak peek at my custom for the Munny Grubbers show at Just Blazed. When I posted a pic of this guy before, he was only a sketch. He's completely finished now, and off to the show. I'll be releasing full pics of him in a week! ;)

Weekly Window Shopping #6: Tsai-Fi

This week I'm featuring the online shop of Tsai-Fi. "Add a little bit of fantasy in your everyday life. Dust Bunnis, Drunken Mermaids and Nerdy Birdies: these are some of the figments of my imagination that I have brought to life. All items are original tsai-fi designs." Tsai-Fi is an illustrator and toy designer, and has been a favourite artist of mine for some time now. I was lucky to meet her in person at the Renegade Craft Fair, and also picked up some of her merch. She has a website (which also has an online shop), blog, and etsy shop.

[Left] Red Heart Satchel - $59.00
[Middle] tsai-fi Sticker - $1.50
[Right] Custom Dust Bunni or Kitti - $46.00

[Left] Black Dust Bunni Skull Necklace - $40.00
[Middle] Rosey Posey Dust Bunni Figure - $22.00
[Right] Pink Dust Bunni Necklace - $25.00

[Left] Last Call Tee in Aqua - $24.00
[Middle] Last Call (Smashed Sea Print) - $25.00
[Right] Last Call Tee in Sangria - $24.00


G-Force premieres today!

G-Force, the movie I worked on is in theatres today! Go check it out, it's a great movie for kids, and guinea pig enthusiasts. If you like to stick around for the credits, look for my name "Emily" under "Animators"! ;)


Plush Art Show: Stitch Wars > online shop is live!

All the available works from Stitch Wars are now for sale in Bear + Bird's online shop! My R2D2 has already sold, but Princess Leia is still available. There are lots of Star Wars inspired plush creations by other artists, so go check it out! Go HERE to see all the available works!


In Progress: Custom for Munny Grubbers show @ Just Blazed

When I was working on Two of Spades (my Mighty Muggs custom), I posted a preview pic of it on my art table. That's not much of sneak peek, now is it? :\ This time I'm gonna show the whole sketch. ;) This custom is for the Munny Grubbers show at Just Blazed on August 8th in Phoenix, Arizona. I finally had a bit of time between sewing projects to sketch out a few pages of ideas (you can see some on my sketchbook in the background). I finally decided on the design that you see sketched out below. Now I start painting! :D


Weekly Window Shopping #5: Liza Corbett

This week I'm featuring the online shop of Liza Corbett. Liza is an illustrator who works mainly in pen and ink. Her creations are both delicate and haunting, and I love the washed-out pallet she uses. I simply love her stuff. She has a website, blog, flickr and etsy shop.

[Left] Trophy XII - $16.00
[Middle] THE HUNTING PARTY - Print - $40.00
[Right] Marie-Jeanne - $30.00

[Left] Margot II - The Nest (PRINT) - $30.00
[Middle] Black Swan - Louis V - SOLD
[Right] Margot I - The Collection (PRINT) - $30.00

[Left] THE CONFIDENCE WOMAN - Print - $40.00
[Middle] Girls and Skulls - A Button Set - $6.00
[Right] Sleeping Beauty - 8.5 x 11 PRINT - $30.00


In Progress: Two plush dolls > pics + creative process

I'm currently making two plush dolls for a special project, so I thought I'd share some in progress pics and talk about making them. :)

1) First I start out with a rough sketch of what I want to make. I already have an idea of what their personalities are like, and I try to bring that out in their expression, outfit, and overall look. My creative process is always evolving, and new decisions are made at every step that I could never have forseen with the initial sketch (later on you can see that I scrapped the dresses, and swapped the mouths).

2) Next I choose the colours and fabric I want to use. I lay everything out in an abstract kind of way to help visualize what colours go together, and what don't before I start cutting the fabric.

3) Then I cut everything out. It's hard to tell that they'll look any good at this point, lol.

4) Then I sew everything together that I can with the sewing machine (it makes my life easier!) and I start stuffing body parts.

5) Everything is sewn together! In this pic you can see that I've done a bit of handsewing already (sewn the legs on the body, sewn the hair on the heads, etc), and I've also pinned the eyes on their faces. I do this so I can start adding the smokey-eye look (with pastels and q-tips) exactly where I want before sewing the eyes overtop of the added makeup.

6-7) I hand sew the tiny collars for the dresses, and choose which buttons will suit the white-haired girl best. Then I sew their eyes on after adding eyeshadow and blush.

8 ) I think once they have smokey eyes, the dolls really start to come together and their personality starts to show. At this point I'm figuring out what type of lace I'm going to use for the ruffle collar and other lacey accents. Their heads and arms aren't attached yet... I do those last. The white-haired girl's hair buns won't be sewn on until last because her buns sit low on her head, and I need to have room to sew the ruffle collar to her neck first. The ruffle collars are then pre-sewn (so they are nice and ruffly), and ready to be attached to the bodies. In this pic I decided on pink mouths.

9-10) The dolls are both happy (and unhappy) with their new smiles, and can't wait for me to finish them! I'll be revealing their names & backstories when they're completed. :)

...To be continued...


Stitch Wars: Preview & Articles

Stitch Wars opens this Saturday, July 18th at Bear + Bird Boutique+ Gallery! If you can't make it to the show in person, or if you'd really like to buy a piece in advance, or are just curious, you can get a sneak preview of all the work in the show if you sign up on the Bear + Bird mailing list. This also gives you exclusive pre-show buying rights! So if there's a piece you really want, you can potentially buy it tomorrow. :) The mailing list will go out tomorrow, so make sure to sign up now!

Stitch Wars has already received lots of great press in the August 2009 issue of Maxim, and the front over of the July 16, 2009 issue of the Miami New Times! It's going to be a great show. I can't wait my preview email to arrive! :D


Etsy: New MOHAWK Deer + Mini Ghostie plush!

More plushies hit my Etsy shop today. The ones I'm most excited about releasing are my new twist on my deer plush line -- plush deer with mohawks! These hip and trendy deer love to spike their soft furry hair. :D

[Left] Strawberry Kiwi Deer loves to go to the spa. She gets the works: facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, you name it! Her guilty pleasure is reading all the trashy celebrity gossip magazines while she's there.
[Right] Peach Bluberry Tartlette Deer owns a pastery shop filled with the most mouth watering sweets in Deerville. She bakes all the scones, croissants, danishes and everything else that is displayed behind the glass counter. When she's not baking, she's learning how to skydive. :)

[Left] Peach Blueberry Tartlette Deer with mohawk is a cousin of the other Peach Blueberry Tartlette Deer without mohawk. Sometimes they even get themselves confused! They love Halloween because they can dress up in entirely different costumes -- however, they call each other ahead of time to ensure that they won't be wearing the same thing!
[Right] Professor Bubble Tea Deer has a famous laboratory where all the wonderful flavours of Deerville's Bubble Tea are created, mixed and made into drinks. He has pioneered the Bubble Tea industry and has become extremely wealthy off of "the world's greatest taste buds", as he puts it. (He also wants you to know that Bubble Tea is also called "Pearl Milk Tea" and "Boba Tea" in different parts of the world.) ;)

  • Mini Brown Ghostie helps you to feel grounded and wholesome again.

  • Mini White Ghostie absorbs negative energies that are blocking you from clear and pure thinking.

  • Mini Green Ghostie helps to settle things down if everything around you is growing too fast.