Renegade Craft Fair: Los Angeles 2009

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. It was fantastic!!! There were so many amazing artists and crafters with gorgeous set-ups and beautiful handmade items. Most of the sellers I recognized from Etsy. HERE is a full list of all the artists who were there.

This was Renegade's official booth. You can buy this stuff on their website.

[Left] Me looking at the awesome portraits by illustrator Ryan Berkely. I really liked the bat, shark, squirrel and cheetah. :)
[Right] I really got a kick out of this awesome shirt by Sharp Shirter!

I loved these statements by Seattle Show Posters. :)

I really loved these figures by KG+AB! I wanted to buy a few to customize, especially the deer, squirrels and mushrooms.

The space the craft fair was held in was very open and airy, and there was so much to see and buy. I didn't get pics of all the lovely booths, but I wanted to mention that Matty8080, Rock Scissor Paper, Fugu Fugu Press and Sweet Meats had amazing stuff too! There are tons more pics of the craft fair on Flickr here.

[Left] This was the I Heart Guts plush toy display. I love their designs and bright colours.

[Right] I totally love this print by Sycamore Street Press!

One of my favourite artists Tsai-Fi had a booth at the craft fair! I love all her stuff, so it was really nice meeting her in person (especially since we were both in the Custom Mini Skully Show together! :) ). I wanted to buy so much of her stuff (especially that mermaid with orange hair)!

So, this was my haul. The plush Dust Bunni and Last Call t-shirt is from Tsai-Fi. Everything else were freebies (stickers, buttons, business cards). I REALLY liked the Etsy bumper sticker! :)

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