Weekly Window Shopping #6: Tsai-Fi

This week I'm featuring the online shop of Tsai-Fi. "Add a little bit of fantasy in your everyday life. Dust Bunnis, Drunken Mermaids and Nerdy Birdies: these are some of the figments of my imagination that I have brought to life. All items are original tsai-fi designs." Tsai-Fi is an illustrator and toy designer, and has been a favourite artist of mine for some time now. I was lucky to meet her in person at the Renegade Craft Fair, and also picked up some of her merch. She has a website (which also has an online shop), blog, and etsy shop.

[Left] Red Heart Satchel - $59.00
[Middle] tsai-fi Sticker - $1.50
[Right] Custom Dust Bunni or Kitti - $46.00

[Left] Black Dust Bunni Skull Necklace - $40.00
[Middle] Rosey Posey Dust Bunni Figure - $22.00
[Right] Pink Dust Bunni Necklace - $25.00

[Left] Last Call Tee in Aqua - $24.00
[Middle] Last Call (Smashed Sea Print) - $25.00
[Right] Last Call Tee in Sangria - $24.00

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