Weekly Window Shopping #4: Modcloth

This week I'm featuring the online shop Modcloth. They don't have a slogan, but they do have twitter if you want to keep up to date with them. :)

[Left] Festive Harvest Tote - $24.99
[Middle] Save Our Forest Tee - $29.99
[Right] Riveting Flats - $24.99

[Left] Kawaii Woodland Wallet - $23.99 (I have this wallet, and it's great! I get lots of compliments on it.)
[Middle] Urban Forest Rings - $11.99
[Right] Sassy Sparrow Necklace - $17.99

[Left] The Better To Brew You With Teacup - $29.99
[Middle] Fawned Of Hygiene Toothbrush Holder - $7.99
[Right] Water Logged Watering Can - NOW $13.49 (was $17.99)

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