Weekly Window Shopping #1: Plasticland

I'm going to start a weekly feature of my favourite online shops. I've called it "Weekly Window Shopping", because really, that's exactly what it is. There are SO many awesome indie home decorating/clothing sites on the internet. There really is no reason to go to Sears or Macy's for home decorating anymore! With all my moving back and forth from Canada to the USA over the past 2+ years, pretty much everything I own is in storage and I don't have a place I can really call home -- yet. Once I get a home I'm going to go crazy with interior decorating like there's no tomorrow!!! So for now I will window shop and bookmark things that I'd like to buy... someday. I thought I'd blog about my findings -- there might be something you might like too! :)

This week I'm featuring the online shop Plasticland. "Plasticland was started in 2002 as an alternative to the cookie-cutter fashions found at the mall." You can also follow them on Twitter.

[Left] Victorian Cameo Tea Cups & Saucers Set - $34.00
[Middle] Kings Road Dessert Plates Set of 4 - NOW $34.00 (was $40)
[Right] Queen of Hearts Button Set - $8.00

[Left] Black Sparrow Pendant Necklace by Rebecca Berry - SOLD OUT $30.00
[Middle] Double Sparrow V-Neck Tee by Rock Steady - $26.00
[Right] Sparrow Salt & Pepper Shakers by Kikkerland - $15.00

[Left] Charcoal Grey Vintage Wool Coat by Tulle Clothing - $89.00
[Middle] Birds & Bones Wallpaper Tee by Loungefly - $25.00 (I actually have this top already!)
[Right] Drop Dead Cute Address Book - Japananese Art - $13.95


magda said...

i really like this place. i window shop there too (hopefully will be able to actually order something soon). i love ALL of your picks.

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Yeah, I can totally see this shop being up your alley, too! I'm glad to share my finds, and am looking forward to showcasing more shops. The tea cup was actually what inspired this whole post! lol. I thought "if I can't have a home, I'm going to at least talk/plan for it!".