Urban Vinyl: Junko Mizuno Pure Trance mini figures

One of my favourite artists is Junko Mizuno, an illustrator (list of books she's illustrated) and toy designer (list of toys she's designed) from Japan. Her work is super cute with a slightly evil edge, which is a hard combination for me to resist! I have been following and collecting her work for a few years now, so I'm always excited when she releases something new. Earlier this month she released a set of mini figures called "Pure Trance". I picked a few of them up, and here are my pics of them below. (There are still more I want to get!)

Yuki & Miki -- Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance blind-box (2/20)
"When twin sisters Yuki & Miki combine their mysterious superpowers they can practice magic. If you feed the skull fresh food, their powers become even stronger."

Junko Mizuno Dunny, Series 5 (1/50) (This one looks inspired from spaghetti & meatballs, lol!)

Umeko & Takeko -- Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance blind-box (3/20)
"Umeko & Takeko are artificial nurses created by the Director. Takeko has a calm personality whereas Umeko is a bit of a baby. They both have superior abilities in operations and their nurses' caps are not removable as they are part of their bodies."

Yasue the Wrestler-- Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance blind-box (2/20)
"When Yasue The Wrestler was a student at the Ikebukuro School of Martial Arts she and her friends were into blackmail, assault, gambling and drugs. Now she has washed her hands of her sinful ways and works as a professional wrestler at the female wrestling bar "Power Angel"."

Above are pics of the Junko Mizuno toys I already own. They wanted to be shown, too! :D
[On the left] Chika (3 versions: Peach, Mint and Grape) from Junko Mizuno's Miznotic Fantasy Series
[On the right] Nurse Flash-it from the Qee Ox-Op Series 3 (5/30)

She's having a solo show at the Magic Pony in Toronto this month, so I'm going to try and check it out if I get the chance.


Eve Noir said...

I LOVE her work very much also. I got two of the blindboxed art toys & I got the girls in the first pic (yay!) and also a boy...wanted another cool girlie (like the chase ones-those are great) but maybe I'll have to try my luck again. Great post. I've been meaning to talk about getting her art toys. So if it's OK with you, I want to tell peeps to link over to your page to read what you said about her & her work. Because I couldn't have said it better myself! ^_^

Take care.~

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

That's so awesome that you collect her toys too! :D I think the twins are one of the best (if not *the* best) figures in this set. I bought mine open-box on Ebay because blind box is waaaay too torturous for me to handle, lol.

Yes, please go ahead and link to this post if you want! I'm happy to pass the word on awesome Miss Mizuno! :D

Eve Noir said...

I know...I was scared with the blind boxed too. I opened the BOY first & was like DARN! Then I opened my 2nd box, and got the twins & was happy. But yeah, I want more because they are so lovely. Love the wrestler (didn't know she was that!) and the nurses, they are great!

Thank you for letting me link people over to your page. :)

I really love your art BTW. It's really beautiful and unique. I hope to purchase something from you one day. I also plan to open an ETSY...hopefully very soon. I want to do a big amount of ALICE related art (I want to call my shop Eve's Wonderland...still working on adding something to the title)...but NOT make it my only thing I'd sell, you know?

Love yr profile pic too! Oh & thanks for becoming a follower-yay!


Eve Noir said...

ONE last thing-I collect Dunnys also. And I didn't know she did the one you posted about...and I REALLY liked that one too!

They had several cases of her art toys at the store I buy most of my toys from...ooo (bad thoughts I know), I just wanted to take one & run out the door! (Well, as you said Blind Boxed is torture! I feel your pain cuz I collect several kinds of blind boxed art toys. I've gotten a couple repeats more than once-ugh but I guess it's kinda part of the excitement in a way.)

K, that's it for tonight! :)

Bradley Cayford said...

All the designs are so solid. Really nice shape and definitive carving of the linework. So cute...yet so sedistic. I love the pictures you took too...gives them peace. I could really see you putting together books full of this stuff...all collectables and things that aren't so normal for most people...would be really super interesting.

Dual said...

Hello Nice blog! Visiting my section paper toy and resource free for your blog!!

Feltmistress said...

Hi Emily. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love Junko Mizuno too. x

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Eve ~ Are you going to get more Pure Trance blindboxes? The JM Dunny is on Ebay... a bit pricey, but totally affordable if you're a fan, IMO (that's what I tell myself to not feel bad for spending, lol). I'm eyeing a few on Ebay right now. I really want to get the tuxedo cat! But yes, blind boxes drive me nuts. I love it when stores let you choose open blind box figures from the display case. So far Kidrobot SF is the only shop that has let me do that -- I love them for that!

I totally think you should open an Etsy shop! I'm completley biased, but I love the Alice In Wonderland theme! I'd love to see your art too!

Brad ~ I try to give toys personality and life in the pics I take of them, so thank-you very much for your comment! :) The book idea is really rad. I might think about doing something like that someday...

Dual ~ Thanks, I will!

Feltmistress ~ I love your blog and your plush designs. You're a very talented artist! ♥