Tim Burton: Alice In Wonderland + German Expressionism

With an artist name like "Follow The White Rabbit", it's no surprise that I'm an Alice In Wonderland fan. :P But I'm also a huge Tim Burton fan. And now my life is almost complete because Tim Burton is directing the new Alice In Wonderland movie (released in 2010) AND some of my friends are working on it!! The movie looks gorgeous, I really can't wait to see it in the theatre!

Check out these awesome images that have been released:

[Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter & Mia Wasikowska as Alice]

[Alice in The Garden of Live Flowers. If you look closely, you can see faces in the flowers!]

Tim Burton is my favourite director of all time. He started out as an Animator at Walt Disney Studios, and worked his way up to become a Director. His resume has lots of my favourite movies on it (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Ed Wood, etc). What I love about his movies is that he's not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to artistic direction (even if his story arcs aren't that strong). I can't name another director who is either that daring or trusted to go for a super unique look. I also love his gothic twist on things. He truly is a brilliant and inspirational artist.

[Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws in The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)]

You can tell that he takes a lot of inspiration from German Expressionism, which characteristically have amazing sharp bold shapes in their sets and lighting/shadows. German Expressionism portrays the emotion of a scene/situation with stylized cinematography, instead of it being portrayed through character or dialogue. Another influence I've noticed is the name of the villain in “Batman Returns” is “Max Schreck”, which is the same name of the actor who plays Count Orlok in “Nosferatu”! (Yes, I'm a total film nerd.)

[This is a still from the movie Nosferatu (1929). You can see the tone, emotion and intent in this shot just by the light and shadow cast on the wall. The German Expressionists were masters at this art form.]

A few months ago I was having lunch at my favourite restaurant Royal/T when all of a sudden Tim Burton walks in. I look over and totally had one of those movie moments where everything was playing in slow motion. Tim Burton was silhouetted in black by the bright light that was shining in from the door behind him. He walked past me and sat down at the table diagonal from us with his lunch party (with most likely his production staff). I was in shock -- I couldn't move! I couldn't think! And I coincidentally was wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie, too! lol. I've never had a fangirl moment like that with any other celebrity, but I did with Tim Burton. haha. :P

[Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands (1990)]

If you'd like to read more about Tim Burton, visit his official website (which unfortunately isn't that great) or The Tim Burton Collective (lots of great info). For those of you in NYC, he will be having an art exhibition at MoMA from November-April! He will also be releasing "The Art of Tim Burton" book soon (which I absolutely must get!!)! Also, Lenny's Alice In Wonderland site is a great resource for anything Alice (e-books, pics, trivia, etc), one that I use almost all the time!

I'll end this post with one of my favourite short films titled: "Vincent" (1982), directed by Tim Burton and narrated by Vincent Price. Check it out if you haven't had a chance to see it yet. Can you tell what film style this short film was inspired by? ;)


Dracenea said...

I came over here from Cindy's blog (TwasTheBrillig).

I am also a huge Tim Burton fan. I can't even imagine being in the same room as that man. He's a genius! Those Alice In Wonderland movie pics were great!

Eve Noir said...

I just found out about these pics today too. And of course with a name like THROUGH EVE'S LOOKING-GLASS this film is like a dream come true for me. So So much anticipation!!! Your hubby is working on it-omg, that is so cool!

I saw the still pic of Alice walking through the gates and OMG, it was so amazing looking. Johnny looks great and so does Mia (Alice).

Tim Burton is MY FAVE DIRECTOR also. (He can do NO wrong!) I have prob seen most of his films at the theatre (even when I was really young & didn't know much about films/directors). Of course I will be there as soon as ALICE gets released (just hoping they don't push it back anymore!).

I always hoped Tim Burton would make an ALICE (or OZ) film and I'm so glad he did...cuz I prefer Alice over OZ (great books though!).

I am actually hoping to NOT see a trailer until RIGHT before it comes out because I am so so so excited that the anticipation will prob kill me! :)

If you don't mind, I'd like to 'use' your Mia/Alice pic because I haven't seen that one on the net yet. I'm going to do a post on this soon...I can't believe I missed this info...I think a big write up was in USA Today on the 21st.

I'm glad you wrote about it too. I first saw the pics/story on shadowmanor.com/blog & got excited at work. Yay Yay & YAY for ALICE. It's gonna RULE!!!
Take care~

Cindy said...

tim burton is the man...he is probably the only director that i find my obsessed with. i would have to say that ed wood is in my top three favorite movies of all time. nightmare runs close by...

Turnip head said...

Oh I can not wait for this to come out!!!
It looks so good!!!
And Tim Burton is also one of my favorite directer too.

*~*TWo PiXie DoLLs*~* said...

Oh my gosh! You just showed some of my favorite movies!! I love Tim Burton's movies as well, there's something so wonderful about the dark quality of them, but they're still magical. And I'm obsessed with everything Alice in Wonderland! It's great to find someone who is just as obsessed as I!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Looks like you guys are all Tim Burton fans too! :) How could someone not be, anyways? ;) Thanks for all your comments!

Eve Noir ~ Yeah, you must feel the same anticipation for Alice In Wonderland that I do! :D It truly is a dream come true, isn't it! I don't know if I can avoid the trailers... I'm just too excited about it! It's funny that you mention that you hoped Tim Burton would make an OZ film, because I totally think he should too!!! I mean, I LOVE the 1939 OZ classic movie, but I'd love to see them make something newer (and not Tin Man -- that was awful). Return To Oz was always a favourite movie of mine when I was a kid... Fairuza Balk is the perfect goth Dorothy! ♥

Oh! Because you're an Alice fan, have you heard anything about Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria? I heard it was in production a few years ago, but put on hold. I really want to see what MM would do with Alice! :O