Etsy's Plush Team: Mini Ghosties now available!

Mini Ghostie Plushies are now available for only $5/each in Plush Team's Etsy Shop! While you're there, check out the other fabulous $5 plush made by other Plush Team members!

Mini Ghosties are little spirits that like to help out when they can. They each have their own special attributes:
  • Mini Dark Pink Ghostie helps to bring lots of love and passion to a situation. Put her in an area where you need more love.

  • Mini Orange Ghostie helps to bring down the energy level of a situation that is too intense. Put him in an area where you need relief from something that is way too serious.

  • Mini Lime Green Ghostie promotes new growth in any situation. Put him in an area where you need something new in your life.

  • Mini Blue Ghostie absorbs all the sad feelings around him in an effort to try and make things happy again. That's why he looks so sad. Put him in an area where you need to get rid of sadness.

  • Mini Black Ghostie helps to stabilize a situation with his mental and physical strength. Put him in an area where you need stability.
Mini Ghosties are also perfect as office desk decorations, a gift for the adult toy collector, a toy for kids, and they also like to hide in purses. Mini Ghosties are completely hand stitched and measure approximately 2.5in/6.5cm tall and 2in/6cm wide.

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