Photos: 2009 Re-Ment Calendar

Back in September '08 I was contacted by Re-Ment International about using one of my images in their 2009 Fan Club Calendar. I was so flattered that they asked me to be a part of their calendar because I love collecting and photographing Re-Ment's cute miniature toys. The calendar was made for the Los Angeles Re-Ment Fan Club meeting in November. Re-Ment sent me a copy of the calendar but I had already moved to the USA by that time. Last week when I came back to Toronto I was finally able to see the calender in person. My photo of the Marching Card Soldiers from the Fairy Tale Tablewear set are pictured on the month of April. Here's my photo of the 2009 Re-Ment Calendar:

The Marching Card Soldiers represent April in the Re-Ment 2009 calendar.

And here is the original photo:

Marching Card Soldiers by Emily

I buy Re-Ment from Ebay, Etsy, and in specialty collector shops like Valley of the Dolls. :)


Anonymous said...

They are so cute!!!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Thanks! :D