Sculpture: Sock Fairy

I made this sculpture about 8yrs ago. I started off sketching out on paper the position I wanted her to be sitting in. Then I started with a base -- I used a wire armature to get the pose I wanted (an armature gives the sculpture a bit more strength). After that I covered the armature with Super Sculpey and sculpted all her features the way I wanted. I hand painted her, made her crown and wings out of wire (which was then covered with bits of silk scarf my Mom was throwing out). Her hair is donated from a My Little Pony.

The idea behind the sock fairy is that she steals socks from the dryer. That's how our socks go missing! I had planned to make a series of mischeivous fairies, but you know, life gets in the way. I hope to re-visit sculpture projects like this someday.

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