Etsy: 3 more Deer in my shop!

More new deer have been added to my Etsy shop! A new style has been added this time around:

Crimson Tea Deer likes to act in musical stageplays with dramatic lighting and angular German-Expressionist-inspired sets. She wears a hot pink feather boa as she sings and dances under a spotlight in front of the crowd.

[On the left] Peppermint Tea Deer loves the winter. She likes to build snowmen, go snowshoeing and she likes to eat icicles. After her outdoor winter adventures she goes inside to sip on some hot peppermint tea.
[On the right] Miss Blueberry Pie Deer likes to go antique hunting at the local flea market. She loves buying old furniture and decorations to restore and re-paint.

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Alice said...

great for the spring time!