Completed: Pierrot Plush Doll

In my last post I mentioned that I had a custom doll in progress. Well, he's finally completed, and here he is! Introducing my first male plush doll: Pierrot. Pierrot is based on the sad French clown mime. In the play Commedia dell'Arte, Pierrot loses his love Columbine to Harlequin. Pierrot is trusting and naïve, and as a result is always being tricked, used and laughed at. Quite the tragic character! The black & white costume and pathetic character both appeal to me, and I think are a strong part of Pierrot's overall look.

I generally like to blush cheeks, but this time I decided to make them more obvious. I used large pink circles and obvious stitching so the cheeks would really stand out, in keeping with the style of traditional mime makeup.

As with every unique doll plush I make, I first start with a sketch. I ended up using the bottom left design, but I might end up making the other sketches someday (I especially want to make the dude with the hat!).


Anonymous said...

Oh he is absolutely stunning!!!

Tara Fortin said...

I love seeing the sketches with the final doll! The world needs more boy dolls. :-D

magda said...

love him!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Tunip Head ~ Thank-you! :)

Tara Fortin ~ I agree with the boy doll comment! ;D I also like seeing other artists' sketches and thought process and how they come to their final design

Magda ~ Thanks! :)