Etsy: Plush Deer Redux

I've been wanting to redesign my deer for a while now, and I've had a bit of time to work on it these past couple of weeks. I decided to make the deer bigger (neck/legs/ears/tail are all longer/bigger), and I redesigned the back legs to make them look more like real deer legs. I flared out the bottom of the feet and put the spots in the middle of the body, instead of just at the back. I added a snout and a nose, and redesigned the eyes. All these changes made the deer 2 inches taller, so it now stands at 8 inches high. There have been quite a bit of changes, but I think it still has the same feel of the old deer, and most importantly, I think it looks more deer-like.

I'm working on restocking my Etsy shop with an assortment of these guys very soon! ^_^

[New Deer on the left, Old Deer on the right]

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