Plush Art Show: Crammed Organisms -- DONE!

I've *finally* finished my 8 plushies for Crammed Organisms! They took me a full week to complete (with lots of help from: English Breakfast tea, Apricots for snacking on, Goldfrapp for listening to, my cat for keeping me company, and my ex for saying I'm doing a good job). These plushies were really fun to make (and the dollies were the most detailed plush I have ever worked on -- plushies who have their own plushies, I must be crazy! lol.), but I am happy they're finally done so I can give my fingers a break! ^_^ ::flops:: Here they are:

Nurse Ratchet & Bandaged Bear

Sweet Lolita & Pink Bunny

Miscordia & Black Bunny (my favourite -- I wanted to keep her!)

Little Red & Gingerbread Buddies

4 Deer plushies

And here are a few in progress shots:

My kitty Lucky was my little clingy companion during this week. If you look closely, you can spot him in the pic above. ^_^ He likes to hang out with me while I sew/draw/paint. Here's a portrait I took of him while he was making himself comfortable:

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rachetbear said...

I adore your work...especcially rachet!!! are they available somewhere???