Etsy: New Deer + Early Christmas Present

I've listed two new deer in my Etsy shop, and they're both in colours that have never been available before!

Elegant Eggplant Deer
Elegant Eggplant Deer loves to cook and bake vegan meals for her friends. She is planning on opening the first vegan restaurant in Deerville, and wants to name it: "The Elegant Eggplant" after herself. It's well deserving because her food is to die for.

Elegant Plum Deer
Elegant Plum Deer crochets the most elaborate doilies you've ever seen. She makes them for all occasions and even gives them to her friends for their birthdays. Some of her friends have accumulated quite the doily collection because of it.

Early Christmas
I bought an Anna Chambers plush from the Luvable Hugable 2008 show as an early Christmas present to myself. Hee hee! Anna is one of my favourite plush artists as well as a huge inspiration, so to finally own an original creation of hers is sooo exciting. Isn't he so amazingly cute!!!

Foggy by Anna Chambers


burgerlog said...

CUTE CUTE deer! i hope you enjoy foggy!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Thanks Anna! I know I'm going to love him! :)