In progress: New studio + new Deer

A few entries back I mentioned that my ex and I had moved from Los Angeles, USA to Toronto, Canada. We've spent the past couple of months getting settled into our new home, and I've been setting up my new workspace so that it's clean, tidy and workable. It's almost perfect -- I still need to frame a few more prints and hang them in the blank space on the wall. Other than that, I feel that I'm back into the sewing groove again, and I'm really excited about diving into my plush work again. Here are a few pics I took of my art studio.

This pic shows my current studio (it's actually quite similar to my previous studio set-up). I found a pink sari in one of my moving boxes, so I decided to drape it over the closet to give the space more of a personal touch. I like having two lamps on my desk for light, and having plastic drawers with my supplies within reach is so handy! All of the furniture is from IKEA (one of my favourite shops).

Below is a closer look at my desk. Other than having a functioning workspace, I think that being surrounded by inspiration is *so* vitally important to any artist. The silver magnet board holds all my important notes (for a closer look at my magnet board, go here), as well as inspirational postcards and images. Directly infront of me, I have a collection of paintings and prints that inspire me, and brighten the space (for a closer look at these paintings, go here). My desk is crammed with in progress deer waiting to be finished up and put on Etsy.

To the right of my workspace, I have an IKEA shelving unit filled with some of my favourite toys (dolls, plush, prints and urban vinyl), as well as my collection of fabric (that seems to be overflowing!). My plan is to get a second shelving unit to put side-by-side, so it can hold more fun things that I just can't live without. :)

Finally, here is a glimpse of the new deer that are currently in progress. I need to add a few finishing touches on the first batch of deer, so they should be ready to list in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days. I was able to pick up some new colours on my last trip to the fabric store, so there are lots of new types of deer that have never been made before! Plus my deer pattern is completely redesigned, so everything will have a new look to it. I can't wait! :)


Michelle said...

What a great space you have to work in. I LOVE your animals :)


Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Thanks Michelle! :)